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Cold Water Storage Tanks

We supply a wide range of one piece, two piece and sectional cold water storage tanks, which are all manufactured by Purewater, the industry leader in GRP tanks for the storage of potable water. Purewater tanks are WRAS and are manufactured to BS4213:2004 standards in ISO 9001:2000 approved facilities, which guarantees the highest production and product quality possible. It is because of this that our tanks are perfectly suited for either new installations, or even for replacement purposes.


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One Piece Tanks
Purewater One Piece CWS Tank 2.png
Purewater One Piece CWS Tank 6000.jpg

One Piece GRP CWS Tanks


We can provide a fantastic selection of GRP one-piece water storage tanks. These innovative cold water storage tanks are manufactured from state-of-the-art GRP materials. Low maintenance, long-lasting and highly cost-effective, these tanks are a perfect option for a wide range of cold water storage applications..

They are fully equipped with an assortment of useful features including:

  •  Option of Uninsulated or Fully encapsulated insulation to sides and lid. 

  •  A close-fitting and sealed lid which can be removed for maintenance.

  •  CFC free PU foam insulation, which is completely encapsulated within the              GRP laminate.

Our superior GRP one-piece tanks are hugely flexible and are suitable for both Potable & Non Potable water storage. These tanks can are suitable for applications storing water up to a maximum temperature of 29°C. Note: WRAS approved tanks go up to a max of 23°C for potable water.


Purewater Storage only supply products of the highest possible standard, ensuring that their customers are provided with products that are both highly reliable and durable. 

Our GRP one-piece water storage tanks are specifically designed and tested to ensure that they meet the stringent requirements set by BS EN 13280:2001. What's more, they also have full WRAS approval - Cert No 1903089 giving you complete peace of mind.

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Two Piece Tanks
Purewater Two Piece CWS Tank.jpg
Purewater Two Piece CWS Tank 2jpg.jpg

Our range of GRP two piece cold water storage tanks are manufactured from WRAS approved GRP materials. Comprising of an upper and lower section assembled at the mid section horizontal joint flange, in effect a one piece tank supplied in two sections to allow lifting and positioning through doors and similar access restrictions.

  •   Assembly instructions, joint flange sealant and fixings are provided.

  •   Fully encapsulated insulation to sides and lid.

  •   Close fitting and sealed lid which is removable for maintenance.

  •   CFC free PU foam insulation is completely encapsulated within the                         GRP laminate.

  •   Comprising an upper and lower section of equal height incorporating an               external horizontal joint flange allowing the sections to be bolted together on         site.  

  •   Fully encapsulated insulation to sides and lid. 

  •   Tanks storing over 1000 litres nominal have an access man-way with                     removable lid providing a 520 x 520mm opening, allowing access for                     maintenance and inspection.

GRP two piece water tanks are particularly suitable for sites with access restrictions, allowing a large tank to be carried through a doorway or similar restriction then assembled once in position. These tanks are also suitable for all cold water applications including: 
     Potable & Non Potable water storage

     Process water (including process cooling) applications -15ºC to +30ºC* 

*Note - WRAS approved tanks are to a max of 23°C for potable water.

Two Piece GRP CWS Tanks


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Bespoke Tanks
Purewater Bespoke CWS Tank.png

Bespoke GRP CWS Tanks


Our bespoke CWS Tanks are especially useful where site restrictions mean that it is not possible to fit a standard configuration one or two piece tank into the available space or to pass it through doorways or similar restrictions on site. If you can provide the available space dimensions and state the capacity that is required, we will calculate the tank configuration we feel is most suitable for the application. In addition, we manufacture tanks of all sizes and configurations: long, short, tall, low, wide and narrow. You name it, over the years we have probably manufactured it.

Bespoke tanks are only slightly more expensive than a standard tank of similar capacity but will certainly provide a cost saving compared to sectional tanks. Additionally, bespoke tanks are available as One piece and Two piece, and can also be fitted with internal divisions, raised float valve housings and all of the other connections and ancillaries that are available.


  • Designed to store: Cold water to a maximum temperature of 30°c

  • Manufactured from: Grp

  • To suit potable water: Yes

  • WRAS approved: Yes

  • Manufactured to a British Std: Yes - BS.EN.13280:2001

  • Insulated as standard: Yes

  • Standard insulation thickness: 25mm

  • Optional insulation thickness: 50mm

  • Available un-insulated: Yes

  • Available configuration To suit your exact requirements - please ask

  • Capacity range normally no greater than 10,000 litres

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Sectional Tanks
Purewater Sectional CWS Tank.png
Purewater Sectional CWS Tank 2.png

We can supply a broad range of high quality GRP Sectional water tanks. These are an ideal solution when it comes to storing large volumes of water.

Our GRP Sectional tanks are designed in a modular format which allows for a comprehensive range of tank sizes and configurations. Sectional tanks comprise of individual bolt-up panels which are assembled on site.

GRP Sectional Tanks are designed for two specific applications:

  • For storing water in large capacities - from 125 litres up to 2,000,000 litres

  • To allow the site assembly of a cold water storage tank where access                     restrictions or other conditions deny the installation of one and two piece tanks

Our selection of GRP Sectional tanks feature a broad range of features including:

  • Hot press moulded GRP panels, ensuring maximum dimensional stability and       consistency of quality

  • WRAS approval

  • The purewater one-piece raised float valve housing panel, complete with               screened spill over weir, providing an AB air gap and 830 x 830mm access to       the float valve

  • The industry's largest sized man-way access at 830 x 830mm aperture

  • A metric modular format allowing water storage from 125 litres to 2,000,000           litres

  • Factory Pre-insulated including insulated base option, providing a U value of         0.8w/m²/deg.c

Purewater Storage only provide GRP Sectional Tanks of only the highest possible standard. These are manufactured to BS EN 13280:2001, and in compliance with an ISO9001:2001 quality control system.

The sectional tank range is available in a number of different formats too. With an internal or externally flanged base arrangement, also with a fully self draining base option.

We also offer an optional in-house assembly service, giving you complete piece of mind that your new sectional CWS tank has been assembled correctly.

Sectional GRP CWS Tanks


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