In addition to the supply of heating equipment, we also offer in-house servicing and repairs of underfloor heating systems, solar thermal systems, pressurisation and cold water booster plant, and thermal imaging surveys throughout Northern Ireland. These services are not just limited to our own systems, as our engineers are able to service and repair any make or model of system.

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Underfloor Heating Servicing & Repairs


Is your underfloor heating not working as it should? Is it costing too much to run, or are rooms not heating or over heating? Thanks to our years of experience in underfloor heating systems, our team of trained engineers are able to service and repair any make or model of underfloor heating system throughout Northern Ireland. 


Sometimes underfloor heating gets a bad name for being 'expensive to run', but more often than not this is down to a poor choice of controls at installation stage. The controls package is the brain of the system so it is important that a quality, reliable package is in place to ensure your system performs at its optimum.

We have vast experience in working with all types of system, and are therefore able to offer you honest, straightforward advice on the best way to get the most out of your existing underfloor heating system. 

If you are experiencing issues with your existing underfloor system, please call us on 02891 815991 or email us at


Solar Thermal Servicing & Repairs


Do you have a solar thermal hot water system that needs repaired, or maybe you just need it serviced to make sure its operating at maximum efficiency?


At BM Heat Services Ltd we are able to carrying out annual servicing on all makes of solar thermal systems, ensuring that your system is not only running at its best but also that it is protected from potential frost damage in the colder winter months. We can also carry out repairs on leaking joints, replace faulty sensors, swap out damaged controllers and replace broken pumps. 

If you are experiencing issues with your existing solar thermal system, please call us on 02891 815991 or email us at


We are able to provide servicing and maintenance on a wide range of pressurisation units and cold water booster sets, along with their associated system expansion vessels. 


Our engineers are able to carry out all the necessary checks to ensure these units are operating correctly, and repair or replace any faults that may exist.

If you are experiencing issues with your pressurisation unit or cold water booster set, please call us on 02891 815991 or email us at

Pressurisation Unit & Cold Water Booster Servicing



We are able to provide thermal imaging surveys which can prove very useful in a number of situations, including:


  • Identifying underfloor heating pipe work within the floor, which is particularly useful if you are carrying out renovations to room layouts that might require alterations to the floor. By using our thermal imaging camera you can see exactly where the pipe work is located and thus remove the risk of damaging any pipes. 

  • Pin pointing the exact location of a damaged underfloor heating pipe. Once it has been located we are also able to repair the damaged pipe for you with minimal disruption.

  • Testing electrical breakers for early signs of components starting to break down, which is ideal for any factory or commercial building.

  • Locating hidden boiler pipe work routes within buildings.


If you think you might require a thermal imaging survey but you’re not quite sure, please feel free to give us a call on 02891 815991 or email us at and we will be more than happy to advise you.

Thermal Imaging Camera Services